Best Laser Hair Removal Equipment in Jordan – Top 5 Machines

Do you spend a lot of time shaving or waxing every day? Are you looking for the best laser hair removal equipment in Jordan? This blog is for you!

Manual and electric razors are painful and time-consuming, not to mention the problems of ingrown hairs, irritations, and razor burns. Using traditional hair removal methods like waxing and shaving could be a literal nightmare, so finding an effective alternative was life-changing.

Today, more women prefer to get rid of unwanted hair with laser hair removal, especially with its permanent result and risk-free procedure.
Let us dig deep into the beauty world and learn more about the best hair removal devices on the market

Laser Hair Removal

What is Laser Hair Removal?

A medical procedure that uses a laser to target hair follicles within the skin. The inflicted damage to the follicles inhibits or delays hair growth in the future.

Laser hair removal could be done at home or a dermatology clinic, the latter is equipped with professional devices and is more effective. Here you can find in-depth info on laser hair removal, its risks, and its outcome.

In the Arab world, hair removal serves sanitary and religious purposes. As men and women are required to maintain cleanliness by shaving certain areas. So the search for the best laser hair removal equipment in Jordan begins!

Here you can read more about how Arabs deal with unwanted body hair.

What to Consider In a Laser Hair Removal Equipment

Whether you’re looking for the best hair removal devices at home or need the best equipment for your dermatology clinic, finding the ultimate device might be tricky. Factors like cost, safety, and treatment area can play a huge role in choosing the best laser hair removal equipment.

Here are some elements that you need to consider:


Also known as pulses, flashes are what they call a lifespan of a laser. It determines how long you can use the equipment before it stops giving the best results.

Each area of the body needs different numbers of pulses. For instance, small areas like the lip and face need 25 to 50 flashes; the underarm might take up to 200 flashes; larger areas such as the legs might require 500 to 600 flashes.


You need to choose the most cost-effective equipment, as most of them might be pricey. All devices have pros and cons, and weighing the advantages that come with higher pricing is essential. 

Treatment Area

When selecting the best hair removal laser machine you have to keep in mind your desired treatment area. It is not a “one size fits all” as each device is designed for caps that are ideal for targeting different places. Thus, the best hair removal device for the body differs from the one used for the lips and face.

Top 5 hair removal devices in Jordan

There are many types of hair removal machines but here are the best picks for pain-free, efficient, and professional equipment:

1. Duetto MT EVO:

Duetto MT EVO

It’s a skin treatment device produced by Quanta System, a premium Italian company that specializes in modern laser devices. This equipment uses hybrid technology that allows for both hair removal and spot treatment.

The Mechanism of Duetto MT EVO

Implementing the hybrid technology, by combining 2 different wavelengths, 750 nm, and 1064 nm to rupture hair follicles permanently. This device affects both superficial and deep hairs while using a minimum dose of the laser.

Top Features of Duetto MT EVO

  • 3 modes of laser emissions
  • Different sizes of handles
  • The integration of a cooling system
  • Reducing skin infection by avoiding direct contact

If you want to learn more about Quanta System and its products, check out their 3 best devices for laser hair removal.



With more than 20 years of experience in the field of beauty and skincare, Lumenis introduces its most innovative SPLENDOR X.

This device is perfectly tailored to fit different skin tones, from light to dark skin. Its versatility and efficiency guarantee customer satisfaction.

The Mechanism of SPLENDOR X

Synchronized Laser Emission or SLE is a premium technology that uses binary laser emission to remove unwanted hair and treat various skin lesions like wrinkles.

The built-in evacuator allows for a smoke-free working space and minimizes the danger.

Top Features of SPLENDOR X

  • Easy movements with the Spheric Connector
  • Permanent removal with blended laser mode
  • Short wave (Nd:YAG) for wrinkle removal
  • Treating skin pigmentation with Nd:YAG

Here you can get more info on the advantages of using SPLENDOR X from Lumenis.

3. Velux Laser:

Velus Laser from ILOODA

ILOODA is a leading Korean company that produces systems for skin care and plastic surgery. With research and continuous development, ILOODA is the next-generation beauty system.

The Mechanism of Velux Laser

As one of the best laser hair removal equipment in Jordan, this device works by directing its laser beams to the hair follicles after scanning it. It provides safe and high-speed treatment with motion-scanning technology.

Top Features of Velux Laser

  • Pain-free hair removal
  • Adjustable large spot size
  • No need for anesthetics or numbing gel

4. Thunder MT

Thunder MT

The Mechanism of Thunder MT

With its dual-wavelength properties, it allows for a wide range of services. Procedures like laser hair removal and skin lesions treatment have never been more efficient. The mixed wave’s technology made it one of the best hair removal devices on the market.

We’re back with the Italian Quanta Systems, which produces the best-quality skin and hair treatment devices. Thunder MT is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the field.

Top Features of Thunder MT

  • Maximum control of laser wave type
  • Single or double emissions
  • Modifiable pulses based on the patient’s demand

In this video, you can get a full view of Thunder MT’ and its techniques.

5. Stellar M22

Stellar M22

Another great device from Lumenis, Stellar M22™ is a one-in-all solution for all hair and skin problems. Whether it is hair removal, acne, or vascular lesions, this device has it covered.

The Mechanism of Stellar M22™

The Optimal Pulse Technology uses high-peek short waves, and the Multiple Sequential Pulsing allows the skin to cool off between pulses. The changeable user interface provides precision and guarantees effectiveness.

Top Features of Stellar M22™

  • Optimal Pulse Technology
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Different shapes of interfaces for all body areas

In Conclusion

Traditional hair-removing methods are a tale from the past, with innovative laser technology come better and permanent results. Choosing the best hair removal equipment in Jordan is essential to ensure customer satisfaction.

At Emkanat, a medical beauty supply company, you’re guaranteed to find top-tier hair removal equipment and more!


  • What are the best laser hair removal devices in Jordan?

SPLENDOR X, Thunder MT, and many more are the most efficient hair removal devices. Emkanat can help you find the best option for you.

  • What is laser hair removal treatment?

The technique uses direct beams of laser on hair follicles to destroy them. That, in turn, prevents hair from growing again.

  • Can men use hair removal equipment?

The simple answer is YES, everyone can use hair removal equipment as long as it is safe and done at a professional clinic.

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