The Best ILOODA Cosmetic Equipment: Skin Treatments in 2023

As beauty and skincare industries are constantly evolving, healthcare and cosmetic professionals are always trying to create innovative tools and technological devices in order to meet every client’s expectations!

The equipment helps to enhance healthcare services and please clients. With a very wide range of cosmetic devices, the ILOODA cosmetic equipment has changed the skincare and healthcare game.

These cosmetic devices are designed to up the skin care treatments and revolutionize beauty, plastic surgery, and dental areas in the healthcare and medical communities.

In this blog, we will be exploring the versatility, benefits, and considerations when you incorporate The ILOODA cosmetic equipment, as well as everything that these types of equipment are capable of.

What is the ILOODA cosmetic equipment?

ILOODA cosmetic equipment is a developer and producer of medical, healthcare, and hospital devices established in 2006. Their clinical applications are based on precisely controlling the energy required and their products are aimed at serving medical markets and hospitals.

Offering several medical equipment in Jordan that serves numerous services, experts and medical professionals rely on ILOODA for their medical supply needs.

Due to the unmatched quality of the hair removal equipment in Jordan and the unique complex technology, for example, laser hair removal professionals are able to focus on pleasing their clients, rather than worry about the technology or quality of the machine.

With being the first medical supplies company that developed the Microneedle radio frequency machine, many people prefer them over any other anti aging medical systems

And with treatments including scar treatment, laser skin treatment, vascular, and tattoo removal, you are guaranteed to find the perfect medical device with the best quality possible that suits the needs of your clinic and your clients. 

What are the advantages of ILOODA cosmetic equipment?

There are numerous advantages of the ILOODA cosmetic equipment, from high-quality equipment to complete customer satisfaction, which are the reasons why its popularity is growing by the minute.

ILOODA has collaborated with universities, external research agencies, and research institutions to establish a cooperative network and workspaces.

While always striving to develop original technology, ILOODA developed medical equipment with amazing clinical utility and safety, just like the SilkPeel Dermalinfusion Machine.

Since the main goal of ILOODA is to achieve patient-centric healthcare and research-based clinical trials, they started to include research planning and commercialization.

As a result, ILOODA develops treatments based on each and every patient’s condition, this results in maximizing the efficiency of the treatments while minimizing the side effects and pain at the exact same time.

By setting approval strategies for each country, conducting clinical research, and setting approval strategies, ILOODA focuses on verifying the validity and safety. Work including foreign and domestic certification, insurance registration, and clinical research is also carried out.

What are the technological devices available at ILOODA cosmetic equipment?

There are many available technological medical devices available in the ILOODA cosmetic equipment, which offer complete client satisfaction as well as world-renowned quality.

So here are some of the amazing devices available, and a brief explanation of each one:

1. Secret RF

Is an anti-aging device that is based on the carefully controlled Bi-polar RF. With a great micro-needling system, the Secret RF is non-invasive and great for a non-surgical facelift, scar reduction, and wrinkle reduction through fascinating dermal coagulation.

Undergoing this technological device, you will notice that the treatment’s duration is greatly minimized, compared to other laser treatment devices.

2. Velux Laser

With 2 laser wavelengths, this is the most effective laser device. This laser hair removal machine radiates simultaneously and concentrates the energy on removing unwanted hair from any part of the body.

The laser is focused on the hair follicles only, which minimizes the pain of the procedure.

Moreover, the adjustable spot size and the motion scanning technology enable the healthcare professional to provide fast and safe hair removal treatment.

Clients often prefer this, since there is no need to use anesthetics or gels, and the adjustable size ensures hair removal for both large as well as small areas.

3. Fraxis DUO

It is a fractional CO2 laser device with fractional RF with a micro-needling system.

The Fraxis DUO offers the correct combination of deep and superficial stimulation as well as volumetric heating to assist with your body’s own natural process of producing new cells.   

To sum up,

The ILOODA cosmetic equipment has proved itself to be the best in the skincare and body care field.

With its ability to deliver great results, versatility, and out-of-the-box features, ILOODA cosmetic equipment became an important staple in cosmetic professional offices.

This allows you to guarantee your client’s satisfaction, elevate your cosmetic and skincare treatments, and stay on top of your game in the beauty industry.

When buying from ILOODA cosmetic equipment, you are confident in the quality and performance of the products and technological devices.

Visit Emkanat today and learn all about ILOODA cosmetic equipment, what they are, what are the advantages of owning such equipment, and much more!

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