SPLENDOR X from Lumenis : fast reliable and available for you by Emkanat

unwanted hair is a a major problem when it comes to an aesthetic point of view, that is why Lumenis has used all of the technology hidden up their sleeve to introduce to you SPLENDOR X.

a ground breaking device that offers stat of the art tech to provide safe, elegant and easy solution for unwanted hair removal in addition to some amazing skin treatments.

a product that is the result of more than 20 years experience, SPLENDOR X from Lumenis is one of the most unique and versatile hair removal products there is.

Emkanat offers you all this wonderful features and is willing to provide you with all the high quality aesthetic medical equipment to advance your business.

SPLENDOR X advanced SLE blend laser and other technologies

SLE (Synchronized Laser Emission) is an advanced technology used to mix two type of laser simultaneously, binary laser emission of Nd:YAG (1064nm) and Alexandrite (755nm) wavelengths.

this technology provides for a safe, fast and reliable treatment with extremely satisfying results regarding hair removal and other skin treatments such as wrinkle reduction, vascular lesions, benign pigmented lesions, non-ablative photo rejuvenation.

by adjusting the frequency and with adjustable proportions. it perfectly tailors each treatment to best fit the clients skin as it can be modified to complement all skin tones even dark skin tone.

combining the dual laser effect with the Built-in plume evacuator to insure the safety of the treatment by insuring a smoke free treatment environment.

it also comes equipped with Spheric Connector which makes the movement much easier making the treatment relatively simple for the practitioner and helps with hard to reach areas.

how does SPLENDOR X hair removal work?

first of all, the practitioner must determine the skin type, skin color, hair type and hair color as the adjustable wavelength can be made to best fit all of this criterias.

the blended laser targets the hair germinal cells in order to remove the hair follicles permanently, as the hair is attached to the germinal cells during the growth phase of a hair cycle.

after determining the hair pigment , the practitioner chooses the wavelength that matches the pigment of the hair, the heat from the laser travels through the hair to the germinal cells.

after that the germinal cells are injured causing the hair to be permanently removed, after several treatments all of the germinal cells will be effected by the blended laser

this whole procedure takes about 30-40 minutes, which is considerably fast when comparing to other devices (90 minutes to 2 hours.)

what makes SPLENDOR X stand out from other hair removal treatments?

where usually hair removal is messy, painful, ineffective and takes a great amount of time and effort, SPLENDOR X makes the hole procedure safe, easy and much faster.

the ability to adjust the wavelength makes the process a lot more effective and comfortable, and the square-shaped laser safely covers every single inch of skin being treated.

among other amazing benefits SPLENDOR X offers this advantages:

  • Ideal for all skin types and hair pigments , including tanned skin and light hair
  • sessions are much faster and it works with fewer sessions
  • results are long lasting
  • comfortable procedure with less down time
  • Works on all areas of the body no matter how sensitive
  • the dual cooling system helps make the the procedure safer and more comfortable

the benefits and uses of SPLENDOR X

being such a powerful and versatile tool, beauty clinics can use this device in multiple ways regarding hair removal and skin treatments :

  • blended laser mode (Alexandrite Nd:YAG) for permanent hair removal
  • blended laser mode (Alexandrite Nd:YAG) for treating Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB)
  • Nd:YAG long pulse for Vascular treatments – including angiomas and benign vascular and pigmented lesions
  •  (Nd:YAG short pulse) for treating Onychomycosis 
  • (Nd:YAG short pulse) for Wrinkle treatment
  •  (Nd:YAG long pulse) for Warts 
  •  (Alexandrite long pulse) for treating Pigmentation 

what are the advantages of using Square shape spot size instead of round shape?

SPLENDOR X uses a Revolutionary and patented square spot size with plume evacuator used to treat large areas more rapidly and effectively than other lasers, and it saves you the risk of overlap and burns.

as shown below, treatment with a square shape spot size doesn’t require retouching missed areas as the high precision allows you to work effectively and fast.

it also covers more areas and works faster without the risk of smoke inhalation or contamination thanks to it’s amazing built in plume evacuator.

get all this benefits and more with Emkanat

as one of the most advanced medical equipment companies in Amman/Jordan and the Arab world, Emkanatmed offers you a great variety of top quality medical and aesthetic equipments.

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a scoop of Lumenis, an innovative of the business

establishing their brand since 1991, Lumenis a top innovator and developer in the business of beauty, Lumenis is a leader in the field of minimally-invasive clinical solutions .

they are experts in developing and designing laser and energy-based technologies, the also lead the way in the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio-Frequency (RF).

Lumenis has discovered solutions for untreatable conditions and treated them successfully, in addition designed technologies that improved existing treatment methods.

they set such a high standards for everybody else with their many designs and inventions, you can’t go wrong when you order one of their equipments from Emkanatmed.

you can always check our blog to find out everything new in the world of beauty. read all about the best medical equipment in Jordan.

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