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Based in Italy, Quanta Systems ranks among the top leading manufacturers of high-quality laser machines used in the beauty and skincare industry, delivering one-of-a-kind sales and service solutions that enable professionals to select the best energy-based devices for their specific needs saving time and money and, as a result, leading to better equipment decisions.
Domino Evo

Domino EVO

Domino EVO represents the latest generation of Alexandrite lasers, developed by Quanta System according to the indications of those professionals who need adequate tools to be competitive in the market. This machine comes with four different accessories &options. The first one is, the TWAIN 2940, It has been built to perform both fractional and homogeneous ablation operations. The second accessory is the TWAIN IPL, which contains contact skin cooling and a 6 range of wavelengths, expanding the treatment’s flexibility and usefulness The third accessory is Integrated Contact SKIN COOLER, it t enables efficient thermal protection and promotes treatment comfort in all protocols done with pulsed lasers. Last but not least, SKINCRYO. When treating big areas, this handpiece provides the highest pain alleviation, combining pulsed laser optics with Zimmer air cooling.

Duetto EVO

Due to its innovative Hybrid Technology, the Duetto MT EVO can perform a large range of laser hair removal operations. This revolutionary Mixed Technology outperforms all other conventional hair removal lasers by simultaneously delivering two gold standard wavelengths, Alexandrite 755 nm and Nd:YAG 1064 nm, removing the key limitations of traditional single-wavelength lasers and allowing for the effective treatment of fine and fair hair on all skin types with unparalleled patient safety.

Thunder MT

Offering up to two laser wavelengths 755nm & 1064nm, in single or combined emission by the proprietary mixed technology, Thunder MT offers the widest range of hair removal services, as well as vascular and rejuvenation treatments. It’s innovative Mixed Technology allows the operator to simply select single or double wavelength emissions, employing simultaneous or sequential pulses that may be modified based on the patient’s demands.
You-Laser MT

You-Laser MT

Youlaser is an advanced laser device from the Italian company Quanta that combines two technology Co2 and ER-yag wavelengths, where one of them or both can be used in the one pulse to have more effective results.
The device target more than one skin layer which allows the aesthetician to decide the recovery period and have the best treatment
It uses for: acne scar revision, dermatological surgery, wrinkles, and fine lines, skin laxity and reducing the effects of burns and wounds of operations.


Discovery pico is one of the most innovative medical lasers devices working in exclusive pico technology, it has a high wavelength laser source emitting in just a billionth of a second.
Apart from its effectiveness, the patient does not require a convalescence and can return to daily routine immediately, as it is painless and does not need local anesthesia. The procedure needs many consecutive treatments which the aesthetician decides.
It uses for: tattoo removal, uneven skin tone, sunspots, wrinkles, acne scarring, carbon peeling, and unwanted pigment and freckles.

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