NEAUVIA FIller opens a market in Jordan

Sep 8th 2020

Emkanat, the medical and beauty supplier has now introduced for the first time in Jordan, the filler giant Neauvia, offering the latest beauty services.

Founder of Emkanat, Mohammad Omoor has been working to expand the beauty business in Jordan after making partnerships with many local beauty clinics and certified machine repair and reselling brands, to provide the best beauty services.

Neauvia, the Swiss anti-aging expert ensures the usage of high-grade raw materials and the most advanced manufacturing technology globally to guarantee quality and safety. Neauvia’s combined treatment solutions using fillers, specialized skin care products and original energy technologies allow practitioners to attain optimal treatment results and incomparable patient satisfaction.

Neauvia’s services include dermal fillers, bio revitalizers, tissue regeneration systems, healing serums and special technological devices for surgical markets.

Neauvia HA fillers are based on a unique cross linker technology SMART CROSSLINKING TECHNOLOGY – with PEG, that gives our products a high safety and tolerability profile and that allows our fillers to perfectly integrate into the various anatomical planes.

Every filler in our line has been meticulously engineered to provide a specific rheology for precise treatment of a wide variety of individualized aesthetic needs.

Visit neauviajo.com to know more about the latest organic filler technologies.
Neauvia Jordan
Amman – Khilda

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