MN tattoo licensing

MN tattoo licensing

How to obtain MN Tattoo Licensing

In 2017, the Health Department of Minnesota modified the regulations for body art. It includes an increase in the application fees and stricter requirements.

If you are planning to start a tattoo business or want to apply as a body art technician, learn what you need to do to secure your licenses and certifications.

Step-By-Step Guide in Getting a License

  1. Find a licensed Minnesota body artist who will supervise you during your training. Here at Midwest Permanent Makeup and Apprenticeship, Carolyn Peiffer can be your mentor. She obtained her MN tattoo licensing in 2010 and received her Master’s Certification.
  2. Work at a licensed body art establishment in MN. You need to present a log indicating the date of the procedure, its description, as well the name and contact information of your client. The log also needs to have the supervisor's initials in it as well as the number of hours it was done.
  3. Complete 200 hours of guided tattooing. According to the law, your practice has to be overseen by a licensed supervisor. If not, the Health Department has the right to call it illegal.
  4. Work on all the necessary paperwork. You have to fill out the license application, which is downloadable from the Minnesota Health Department in PDF. Along with it are the necessary fees and a copy of your legal ID proving that you are of legal age to be a body art technician.
  5. Wait for the issuing of the license. In general, it only takes less than a week but there are applicants who waited up to 20 business days for the processing time.

What to Expect With Our Apprentice Program

Our training for aspiring tattoo artists covers a wide range of permanent makeup procedure. The state and local regulations are just among the basics. You will get to know more about the insurances needed for permanent makeup, its history, and its benefits.

The most important part of undergoing an apprenticeship is to learn the health requirements, sterilization, and sanitation. A tattoo artist should be aware of the sterilization types, disease and infection control, as well as sanitary measures for procedure setup and teardown.

What to Do After Your Apprenticeship

Now that your license is ready, your journey as a tattoo artist just began. While you are still looking for new clients, continue to educate yourself about your chosen craft. The Internet makes it possible to find clients in no time.

It helps to join professional tattoo organizations. Aside from helping you find customers, the organization can also be a platform to be connected with like-minded individuals.

If you want to become a tattoo artist, let Midwest Permanent Makeup and Apprenticeship help you complete your 200 hours of guided tattooing. This is the only way you can obtain your MN tattoo licensing.

Learn more about our apprenticeship and specialty procedures by exploring our website. You may schedule a tour in our Minnesota office or give us a call at 763-792-1111.