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Marquardt UK has one goal: to supply the British market exclusively and directly with high-quality solutions from Marquardt Medizintechnik. Innovation, quality and service are the criteria by which these solutions are measured. As a specialist for osteosynthesis, Marquardt provides medicine with high-quality products – 100% Made in Germany (Spaichingen).

Cannulated screws

Cannulated screws are inserted via a guide wire. The guide wire provides the prescribed path and ensures alignment of the fragments while the screw is inserted.


WINSTA-FiT – innovative, locking plating system for fibula and tibia

VITUS-Fi Fibula Nailing System – minimally invasive intramedullary treatment of distal fibula fractures

VITUS-FT Tibia Nailing System – the system for osteosynthesis in tibia fractures

Upper Extremities

Strong solutions

Marquardt Medizintechnik offers a wide range of solutions for surgery of the upper extremities.

Clever systems

Proven systems are complemented by innovative solutions such as the patented LBN system for intramedullary nail osteosynthesis on the proximal humerus.


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