Lumenis Energy to Healthcare: The Top Medical Solutions for Aesthetics in 2023

Recently, a great transformation has been noticed in the healthcare industry by using technology to provide the best patient care possible.

One technology is Lumenis Energy to Healthcare, which has really made its mark in the healthcare and medical fields.

Lumenis has become the top international provider of energy-based healthcare and medical solutions.

By developing avant-garde original energy-based technologies, Lumenis Energy to Healthcare has also been at the cutting edge of reforming and remodeling the healthcare and medical fields.

In this blog, we will be exploring the exact meaning of Lumenis Energy to Healthcare, what are the best technological products, and what are the benefits of such aesthetic treatments.

What is Lumenis Energy to Healthcare?

Lumenis is the international and global leader in the energy-based medical fields for surgical, aesthetic, and eye care operations.

Lumenis Energy to Healthcare offers aesthetic and vision treatments consisting of many beauty, healthcare, and anti-aging treatments.

Lumenis is committed to providing the top quality and the best service in the industry for healthcare and medical equipment in Jordan maintenance and repair.

The services offered above provide you with comfort and peace of mind, helping you focus on caring for your patients and not worrying about the equipment.

The uniquely designed services include:

Aesthetic treatments

Also called cosmetic treatments, are non-surgical procedures which are designed to stop aging signs, rejuvenate looks, and refresh skin. Some of which are:

  • Trileft: with many anti aging medical systems, Trilis is a procedure made up of three layers, achieving a facelift-like effect.
  • Skin treatments: offering a wide variety of skin rejuvenating solutions to help with skin damage, tone, and texture, just like the laser skin treatment.
  • Hair removal: offering laser hair removal equipment in Jordan across a wide variety of skin tones, laser hair removal has become the most famous aesthetic procedure in the world.
  • Body treatments: personalized non-surgical and non-invasive body treatments to target cellulite reduction and skin smoothing, just like the GMV Plexer Plus.

Vision treatments

Vision treatments is a term for alternative medicine treatments using eye exercises. It is a program that aims to boost a person’s visual abilities, targeting things such as:

  • Dry eye: this could happen if your eye does not produce enough tears.
  • Glaucoma: a number of eye diseases that could cause blindness by causing damage to the optic nerve.
  • Retina: a layer of cells on the back of the eye that are sensitive to light.

What are the best products and technologies in Lumenis Energy to Healthcare?

With advancing healthcare solutions, Lumenis became a leading healthcare company.

Lumenis is dedicated to improving non-invasive procedures in order to come up with the best clinical outcomes ever.

With that, there are many technological healthcare devices that promise you the perfect outcome you are looking for.

Offering many devices for numerous purposes, from laser hair removal to laser eye surgery, you are guaranteed to find what suits your needs.

So here are some of the healthcare machines available:

1. Lumenis Pulse 120H

Resulting in the best lithotripsy, it is the best laser system with MOSES technology ever!

With the top pulse-delivering technology, it has greatly improved energy transmission, to create the best and safest experience for the patient.

2. The Stellar M22

This is the most intelligent skincare invention in the world!

With 4 technologies in one machine, medical professionals are able to treat over 30 skin issues and hair removal concerns.


Offering the best power, speed, and coverage rate, it is the first YAG and Alexandrite laser system powered by BLEND X™ technology.

4. AcuPulse DUO CO2

This is the top combination of fiber and free-beam energy delivery. Offering 3 power and time exposer modes, it is the best skin rejuvenating device. It can help with discoloration, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines.

What are the benefits of Lumenis Energy to Healthcare?

There are many benefits to Lumenis Energy to healthcare, ranging from the best hair removal experience and the best laser eye treatments.

First of all, laser hair removal is usually uncomfortable and needs a lot of time and effort, but with Lumenis it is much different!

The fast treatment with a high-speed handpiece saves you time, as well as the really comfortable treatment. Second of all, the laser eye procedures with Lumenis Energy to healthcare are unmatched!

The highest quality devices ensure you get the best results you could ever ask for.

To sum up,

Lumenis Energy to Healthcare has developed and revolutionized the medical and healthcare industry.

Through providing cutting-edge energy-based medical answers, it has innovated technologies and enables medical professionals and healthcare specialists to boost the outcome of their procedures.

Through reducing recovery time, Lumenis Energy to Healthcare attracts much more people than general surgical procedures.

As technology is becoming a larger part of our lives every day, Lumenis is composed to stay the catechist in the healthcare industry for centuries to come.

Visit Emkanat now and learn all about what Lumenis Energy to Healthcare is, what are the best technological machines within this field, and what are the benefits of such a procedure!

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