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Emkanat is a medical beauty supply company that provide dermatology clinic, beauty centers, and hospitals with latest beauty machines and consumables, including laser hair removal, facial machine, slimming and body contouring equipment in Amman – Jordan. Started in 2010, partnering with local beauty clinics and certified machine repair and reselling of brands.

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Emkanat is one of the most important medical and aesthetic beauty supplies that distribute all the needed of dermatology clinics, beauty centers, and hospitals in Jourdan, with the last advanced medical and beauty machines in addition to maquillage and health care products.

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Emkanat provide best in class services in Jordan, after sales support, best prices guaranteed.

Our Brands

Industry standard Beauty equipment and supplies in the region.
Quanta System
Quanta System is a 100% Italian company that offers on the global market innovative laser systems for Surgery, Aesthetics and Art Conservation since 1985.
ILOODA is an Korean company Established in 2006, develops and produces systems for skin, beauty, plastic surgery and dental areas that will play a leading role in growing the next generation​.
GMV Plexr
Treatment of over 10 ocular surface pathologies with Plexr®: this is the new “PANIS Method” (Plasma Assisted Non Invasive Surgery) for a better and more effective technique of plasma application in ophthalmology.
Envy /Silk peel
SilkPeel uses a gentle vacuum that exfoliates the outer layer of skin while opening the pores at the same time.


If you are looking for advanced medical and beauty machines, Emkanat is the only choice, it has the newest technical equipment for laser hair removal, facial machines, slimming, and body contouring equipment. our services are provided for dermatology clinics, beauty centers, and hospitals in Jourdan

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