GMV plexr plus, a revolutionary technology in the world of beauty

GMV plexr plus is one one of the most sought after devices when it comes to beauty clinks and skin care professionals all over the world.

coming from Roma/Italy , a team of top experts lead by prof. Fippi are responsible for this internationally patented and remarkable machine.

they have made a giant medical breakthrough by administrating the use of Plasma in there technique, soon after it was a global success.

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what exactly is plasma technology?

plasma in the physical sense is the fourth state of the matter, sort of liquified or ionized gas, where electrons are split from there atoms creating an active radius of microplasma.

when its applied to the skin, the contrast between the devices handle and the skin it deconstruct the components of the skin (epidermis).

this technique when applied to the skin it causes the solid matter in the skin to evaporate, it also it bio-stimulates the dermis which leads to fantastic results.

and we at Emkanat are proud to offer you the first machine that uses this amazing technology as a medical equipment in the field of beauty and aesthetic.

GMV plexr plus as a better way to non invasive surgery

GMV plexr plus uses a modern approach to skin treatment, as it works on the outside of the epidermis without reaching the dermal papilla or any vital organs.

this leads to safer and more effective treatments as it doesn’t pass electricity or heat through the treated area, and without the need of a singe cut.

sometimes it’s referred to as a “non ablative surgery” as it has taken the medical procedure to a new dimension with a bloodless, safe and reliable procedure which is risk free and easy to perform.

lest take an example “periorbital rejuvenation”, you can undertake this procedure with no risk of damage to the optic nerve or the adjacent area because of GMV plexr plus great precision and focus.

periorbital rejuvenation before and after

the uses GMV plexr plus , great versatility

plasma treatments has grown very popular nowadays as it provides state of the art cosmetic treatment for a wide range of skin related conditions which include but are not limited to :

  • wrinkles and the fine lines around them
  • acne and acne scars
  • moles and pigmented lesions
  • inflated scars
  • angiomas
  • dropped eyelids
  • skin tags
  • lagging skin

and with the constant work from the expert team of engineers working daily on search and development, new applications and improvements are discovered regarding this amazing technology.

applications of plasma technology with GMV plexr plus

you can use such a versatile and professional device in many ways to treat all sorts of lesions (as mentioned earlier) , here we are going to mention some of its many applications

skin rejuvenation and tightening

as we grow older our skin loses collagen production and elastin fibers loses their tightness, also the dermal layer gradually loses thickness causing wrinkles and having a saggy skin.
plexr plus uses plasma technology to stimulate the cells to produce more collagen for up to 4-6 weeks of the session, resulting in silky smooth skin with substantially less wrinkles.

non surgical blepharoplasty (eye lift)

plexr plus can be used to target the periorbital area as well as the lower eyelids and the upper eyelids causing tighter skin around the eye as well as less puffiness and undereye bags.

non surgical blepharoplasty

lesion removal

moles, skin tags, angiomas and warts are all news of the past with this revolutionary invention, as it all can be treated efficiently with minimum scaring and short healing times.

scars removal or correction

plasma sublimation process can deconstruct the scar tissue while simultaneously stimulating the skin to produce new cells causing the scare to heal.
this great treatment allows for a speedy and efficient recovery and it works on surgery scars as well as Stritch marks and acne scars , and of course injury related scars
number of sessions required can vary depending on the nature of the initial cut and the type of the scar also its depth, and it me require up to 3 sessions to achieve the best results.


GMV plexr plus works magically on reducing current active acne as well as reducing future spread on the treated area, results after 2 months treatment are phenomenal even on the long run

the procedures of a GMV plexr plus treatment session

first of all since the pain is almost non existent there is no need for sedation or general anesthesia, just some local anesthetic cream or a local anesthetic injection at most.

each session well take around 30-40 minutes then you well be good to go and ready to resume normal functions, after effects will include some swelling and redness, you may want to use some sunglasses if the treated area is near your eyes.

during the procedure you will see some smoke, don’t worry its just vapor from the process of sublimation, a thin crust is created on the treated area which will fall in about a week.

after that you will be lift with beautiful and smooth skin, no scarring or bruising will occur, follow your specialist guides for after procedure guide and care.

why is GMV plexr plus better than surgery?

when the word “surgery” comes up in a conversation its enough to spread awe, while treatment with a high tech scientifically advanced equipment is something to look for, and for good reason.

unlike surgery, plexr plus can operate without cutting the skin, also no stitches are needed afterword’s. therefor it takes less time to operate and even less time to complete the healing process.

being such an easy procedure it carries out much less risk (i.e.: eye lest surgery has a risk of blindness unlike periorbital rejuvenation with plexr plus) and even lesser pain.

you can save up on your money as its substantially more cost effective as well as on skin since this procedure is much less intrusive and doesn’t cause thinning of the skin.

GMV plexr plus for treating Xanthelasma Palpebrarum , experimental study

when a modern state of the art technology such as plexr plus reach this level on ingenuity and popularity, new uses and experiments are tested and studied to achieve full benefits of the invention.

one case being Xanthelasma Palpebrarum, which is the case where fat cells accumulate around the eyelids in the periorbital skin, where old fashioned treatments include surgery and radiofrequencies


yet this old fashioned treatments carry out risks that may include scarring, recurrence, persistent erythema, , and pigmentary alteration among others duo to its risky location around the eyes.

yet new studies have experimented with plasma therapy aka plexr plus, and they have found great promise and fantastic results in their findings.

one case for example is a study done in Faculty of Medicine in the University of Latvia , where they treated 15 patients suffering from 27 Xanthelasma with plasma sublimation from plexr plus with great results.

all 27 lesions have been treated successfully and completely with just one session of plasma sublimation from plexr, and all of that done without any complications nor pain reported by the subjects in study.

so in conclusion, despite having already proving itself as a top rated medical aesthetic piece of equipment, and a ground breaking state of the art device with many applications, more is to be benefited by this outstanding machin.

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