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Emkanat for medical supplies is one of the highly developed companies that offer the best laser hair removal machines in Jordan, slimming devices, and body sculpting equipment.

If you don’t know a lot about Emkanat, you have to keep reading this guide that we elaborate on the services it offers for its clients in Jordan – Amman.

Emkanat Laser Devices

Emkanat for Medical Supplies
Emkanat for Medical Beauty Supplies

Quanta System

emkanat for medical supplies
best laser hair removal machines in Jordan

Emkanat for medical supplies adapted Quanta Systems, which is based in Italy. It is one of the top producers of high-quality laser devices for the cosmetic and skincare industries. The company offers one-of-a-kind sales and service solutions that let professionals choose the best energy-based equipment for their unique needs while saving time and money, which results in better equipment choices.

1) Duetto MT EVO

Emkanat for Medical Supplies
best laser hair removal machines in Jordan

Duetto MT EVO laser increases therapy safety and efficacy by combining two laser wavelengths (755 and 1064 nm) in a single emission with programmable fluence, pulse duration, and customizable sequences.

Duetto MT EVO provides vascular and rejuvenating treatments in addition to the broadest array of hair reduction* applications.

The Duetto MT EVO’s wavelength and pulse Mixed Technology enables the operator to choose between single and double wavelength emissions while employing simultaneous or sequential pulses that can be modified to meet the demands of the patient. Emkanat for medical supplies made a good choice!

For those working in the aesthetic medicine industry, Duetto MT EVO is the ideal answer because it allows for customized treatments without sacrificing effectiveness or safety. On request, a complete set of handpieces is offered.

2) Youlaser MT

Emkanat for Medical Supplies
laser hair removal device

“THE NEW REFERENCE LASER FOR ANTI-AGING AND BEYOND”, is the philosophy of YouLaser MT adapted by Emkanat for medical supplies.

Quanta System is pleased to launch a brand-new, highly revolutionary skin care product. Treatment for scars and regeneration. Due to the fact that Youlaser MT is the first and only laser that unique Mixed Technology, which combines the 10600 nm gold standard, in a sequential or simultaneous fractional emission between 1480 nm and 1540 nm.

Emkanat for Medical Supplies
best laser hair removal machines in Jordan

The advantages of each laser are maximized when these two wavelengths are combined, enhancing the outcomes after just one session. wrinkled, pigmented, and aged skin.

The best way to repair scars and vaginal atrophy is with mixed technology to create two lasers working together positively to provide enhanced results with nearly no downtime for patients.
Choosing between fractional ablative and non-ablative lasers is no longer a hassle.

Dermatologists and aestheticians today are aware of the benefits and limitations of ablative and non-ablative fractional lasers. Although ablative lasers provide quicker outcomes, they are not suitable for many patients due to the lengthy downtime and increased risk of pigmentary problems.

Although practically every patient can utilize non-ablative lasers and they are far more well-tolerated by all skin types, they require multiple sessions to produce the desired outcomes. Emkanat for medical supplies offers all of these features in one device!

Emkanat for Medical Supplies
Laser Hair Removal Machine

By combining CO2 ablative and GaAs non-ablative lasers, the Youlaser MT is the first and only laser that surpasses these restrictions.
The ability of these two lasers to function alone or in a unique mixed modality enables practitioners to provide the best possible care for each patient.

To find the ideal balance between results and downtime, Youlaser MT can treat the skin using one of the three Mixed Treatment Modalities or one of the two wavelengths.
This item is also a cutting-edge surgical laser.

The Youlaser MT’s extremely fast CO2 tube may operate at up to 2000 Hz while simultaneously delivering microsecond pulses for precise control of the cutting and coagulation rates.
The Youlaser MT is a “maintenance-free” laser, which is a crucial characteristic to reduce operating costs to a minimum.

3) Discovery PICO Start

Emkanat for Medical Supplies
Hair Removal Equipment

The device with a cutting-edge Italian design known as the Discovery PICO START started a new era for picosecond lasers.

It was created by Quanta System, which has a “historical” good reputation for ultrashort-pulsed lasers, and is intended for all experts who want to launch their careers in the aesthetics industry with the PICO wavelengths’ full efficacy.

The second generation of picosecond lasers, the Discovery PICO START, features the most cutting-edge and exclusive technology currently offered on the market.
It has a dual-wavelength Nd:YAG laser source that emits at 1064 nm and 532 nm. This characteristic enables it to operate in picosecond mode and deliver up to 600 ml of energy.

Additionally with a fractional handpiece at 532 nm (picosecond mode)

  • Ink removal (red, yellow, and orange color)
  • Removal of benign pigmented lesions
  • Rejuvenation by skin resurfacing

Indications in picoseconds

  • Skin resurfacing – rejuvenation
  • Tattoo removal (black, brown, dark blue color)
  • Removal of benign pigmented lesions
  • Indications Onychomycosis, Photothermal mode, and Skin Rejuvenation

4) Domino EVO

Emkanat for Medical Supplies
Laser Hair Removal Devices

The Domino EVO represents the most recent generation of Alexandrite lasers, which Quanta System created in response to feedback from professionals who required suitable equipment to compete in the market. This machine has four different options and attachments. Choices of Emkanat for medical supplies are always the best!

The first one is the TWAIN 2940, which was designed to carry out operations for both fractional and homogeneous ablation. The second accessory is the TWAIN IPL, which increases the treatment’s adaptability and utility by including contact skin cooling and a range of six wavelengths.

The third accessory, Integrated Contact Skin Cooler, enhances treatment comfort and provides effective thermal protection for all pulsed laser protocols. SKINCRYO is last but not least. This handpiece, which combines pulsed laser optics and Zimmer air cooling, delivers the best level of pain relief when treating large areas.

5) Thunder MT

Emkanat for Medical Supplies
medical supplies online

Thunder MT offers the broadest selection of hair removal services, as well as vascular and rejuvenation treatments, by providing up to two laser wavelengths, 755nm & 1064nm, in single or combined emission with the exclusive mixed technology.

The operator can easily choose single or double wavelength emissions using simultaneous or sequential pulses that can be adjusted based on the patient’s needs thanks to the device’s cutting-edge Mixed Technology.


Emkanat for Beauty Supplies
Medical equipment list

The Korean firm ILOODA, founded in 2006, creates and manufactures systems for the skin, beauty, plastic surgery, and dental industries. It will be crucial in fostering the development of the following generation. That’s why Emkanat for medical supplies decided to offer this magical device to its clients.

ILOODA operates under a structure whereby 40% of the entire workforce participates in research and development, primarily with the research center associated with this organization, and it rapidly expands as a laser system technology area focused on experts.

in the area of system solutions, on which we rely on already-existing imported machinery; they were the first firm to design a microneedle radio frequency machine (Secret).

1) Fraxis DUO

Emkanat for Medical Supplies
Medical supplies categories

The Fraxis Duo fractional CO2 laser with micro-needle fractional RF technology offers the ideal balance of deep volumetric heating and superficial stimulation to help your body’s normal process of generating new, elastic cells that sustain young skin.

2) Secret RF

Names of medical devices
Medical devices examples

Advanced Anti-aging SECRET is a non-surgical face lifting, wrinkle reduction, and scar reduction method based on the synergistic effect of a precisely controlled Bi-polar RF and minimally invasive micro-needles. This ideal combination significantly reduces treatment time and downtime when compared to fractional laser therapy.

3) Velux Laser

What is the most common medical device?
What are types of medical devices?

The two laser wavelengths that are most effective for removing unwanted hair concurrently radiate with concentrated energy and cause the least amount of discomfort. Additionally, without the need of anesthetics or gels, motion scanning technology with an adjustable big spot size provides safe and quick hair treatment for both large and tiny regions.

GMV Plexer

Emkanat for Medical Supplies
Medical Supplies & Modern Laser Machines

GMV is a Rome-based maker of cutting-edge technologies. They have obtained the ISO 9001: 2008 and EN ISO 13485: 2016 quality management certifications, demonstrating their company’s expertise and commitment to offering their customers reliable and trustworthy technology from concept and prototype through manufacturing and sales. Their Research & Development team is made up of engineers who actively and relentlessly seek to create new, superior technologies.

1) Plexr Pro

Emkanat for Medical Supplies
laser hair removal device

We have a lot to say about the attributes that set Plexr Pro apart from its competitors in the field of medical and aesthetic treatment.

2) Vacron

Medical devices
Laser Devices

Four technologies in one device:

An operating system called Plexr Vecron was created to suit all the requirements of soft surgery, often known as minimally invasive surgery. It is a single, cutting-edge device that combines four different technologies.

Devices in the Plexr Vecron system include Plexr, CarboMax, Needle Shaping, and O.F.F.

It is used in the treatment of many difficult problems as quickly as possible, such as dermatology, aesthetic medicine and vasectomy.

3) Thuzzel

Thuzzel is a new technology that has been generated to satisfy the patient’s needs and has been optimized to go through the current thermal technologies.

What Problems Does Thuzzel Treat?

It is known that the overall collagen level per unit area of the skin surface declines by about 1% per year.
Up to 98 percent of females worry about cellulite-related skin changes since they lower their self-esteem.
The effect of vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA) on sexual function, quality of life, and pelvic floor health is becoming more obvious in the current practice of medicine as a result of longer life expectancies.

What are the main features of Thuzzel?
  • Multiwave: Thuzzel is the only device in the market that offers Multiwave; 6 operating modes, a globe able to deliver up to four connected electromagnetic waves, and managed at four various depths.
  • Radical fractional: two modes of operation for a volumetric double effect heating of the dermis and for collagen remodeling.
  • Genecological Multi-Modal: The two operating modes for gynecological multimodal therapy are monopolar deep and superficial bipolar, creating a stimulus for vulvar and vaginal rejuvenation. The tissue is heated, which restores its tone and flexibility, and proper functionality.

4) Plexer Plus

GMV Laser
Medical Devices

GMV created the technology behind Plexr, which has received worldwide patent protection. The methodology and use technique have been considered by Prof. That’s awesome!

The response to the question “what is PLEXR (PLasma EXeResis)?” is “it’s a plasma generator.”

Plexr is not a radio frequency instrument, a radio scalpel, or a laser.

Physicists identify “Plasma” as the fourth state of matter after solid, gaseous, and liquid, and they suggest that it can be conceptualized as a “liquefied gas”. It is actually an ionized gas with free-moving ions and a highly volatile mixture of globally neutral electrons and ions.

Because of the electromagnetic potential difference between the device tip and the human tissue, the term “ionized” denotes that a sizably large population of electrons were torn by the corresponding atoms, producing an active radius of microplasma that “deconstructs” the keratinocytes of the epidermis and sublimates them.

The direct transition from the solid to the gaseous state is referred to as sublimation in physical terms. The selective and targeted heat transfer that occurs during the impact of the microplasma beam on the afflicted tissue causes a bio-stimulation of the dermis at the same time.

The sublimation process causes visible smoke to be formed during treatments. Due to the very superficial effect of Plexr, a crust will then develop on the treated portion and flake off in approximately a week without leaving any bruises or scars.

Plexr therapy is now immediately safe because it just affects the epidermis (from the outside) and doesn’t penetrate the dermal papilla layer (unless the doctor wants it).

Both electrical and thermal damage is absent. Because the activity is targeted and precise, and there are no leakage currents, for instance, there is no injury to the optic nerve or the nearby tissues during periorbital rejuvenation treatments.

Lumenis energy to healthcare

Lumenis is the industry pioneer in energy-based medical solutions for ophthalmic, surgical, and aesthetic procedures.

Through cutting-edge, minimally invasive solutions that produce superior clinical results, we are committed to enhancing patient care.

1) Lumenis Pulse™ 120H

120H Lumenis Pulse In comparison to conventional holmium pulse, the Holmium Laser System with MOSES Technology significantly enhances energy transfer.

As a result, lithotripsy treatments are more effective. 1 Treatment times for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) are greatly reduced using MOSES Technology compared to conventional holmium pulse therapy because of better enucleation efficiency and hemostasis.


With the introduction of SPLENDOR X, leaders in energy- and laser-based technologies Lumenis, you can now, more than ever, tailor skin treatments and hair removal for an unlimited range of skin tones.
It is the first solid-state laser system to be fitted with cutting-edge SLETM (Synchronized Laser Emission) hair eradication technology.

Furthermore, SPLENDOR X is the first solid-state laser with square-shaped spot sizes, ensuring larger, safer, and more uniform skin coverage without the need for retouching. A built-in plume evacuator also guarantees a smoke-free workplace.

SPLENDOR X broadens your practice’s treatment options by addressing vascular lesions, benign pigmented lesions, non-ablative photo rejuvenation, and wrinkle reduction in addition to treating all skin types including tanned skin.

The most extensive variety of hair removal techniques and skin diseases, including vascular and pigmented lesions, non-ablative skin rejuvenation, and wrinkle reduction, are all treated by the powerful, quick, and adaptable SPLENDOR X.

Nd: YAG 1064nm and Alexandrite 755nm wavelengths can be used to coordinate to fire either simultaneously or separately, with varied timing proportions to customize treatment based on each person’s skin enabling safe and efficient treatment according to hair type, color, and thickness

3) Stellar M22™

The brightest constellation in the sky served as the inspiration for the Stellar M22, a potent modular multiapplication platform.
Without using disposables, it enables you to safely and successfully treat a variety of indications in people of all ages, genders, and skin types.

Your practice will have a clear competitive advantage thanks to the Stellar M22’s ability to treat more patients and grow your clientele.
The Stellar M22 can adapt to and develop with your business as a result of the system’s complete upgradeability.

One multipurpose tool for the treatment of more than 20 skin diseases and hair removal

  • Treats vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, rosacea, and acne.
  • Reduce age spots as well using photorejuvenation.
  • Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT®) regulates the length and structure of pulses.
  • While cooling in between pulses, Multiple Sequential Pulsing (MSPTM) offers a safer approach.
  • 9 ExpertFilters that can be quickly changed.
  • Three SapphireCool light guides for continual contact cooling and patient comfort.

only just one pass to effectively resurface the skin, saving time and safeguarding the patient’s skin.

  • The only true non-ablative fractional technology.
  • A cutting-edge scanner called the CoolScanTM that uses continuous contact cooling to make patients more comfortable.
  • For the best treatment, whether for a single lesion or the entire face, select from more than 600 combinations of area form, size, and density.
  • The SapphireCoolTM Tip window makes the treatment area easily visible.

For effective treatment of leg veins and vascular diseases on all skin types

  • Interpulse cooling is possible with Multiple Sequential Pulsing (MSPTM).
  • Reducing the chance of skin damage when treating vascular lesions: the series of sub-pulses allows for more penetration and longer overall pulse duration, both of which are essential during treatment.
  • 3 SapphireCoolTM light guides, which can be changed in a matter of seconds and provide continuous contact cooling for patient comfort.

Treatment of pigmented lesions and removal of dark tattoos for skin toning

  • Top Hat beam profile that is homogenous for improved treatment safety and effectiveness.
  • For all Q-Switched applications, a single head.
  • 7 spot sizes for treatments that can be tailored.

4) AcuPulse™ DUO

Introducing the AcuPulse DUO CO, laser, a one-of-a-kind system that combines free beam and fiber energy delivery. Now, you may make a superior clinical decision by selecting the ideal laser technology to meet the unique demands of your patient.

Where it is Most Needed: The Flexible Fiber Delivers Dependable Fiber

Flexible laser fibers, known for their greater durability, are used in the AcuPulse DUO. Superior surgical precision in difficult-to-reach anatomy is made possible by the flexibility of the fiber and the easily visible aiming beam.

The flexible laser fiber’s high-energy transmission allows surgeons to treat tissue more quickly and in less time.

The Digital AcuBladeTM scanning micromanipulator is one free beam accessory that the AcuPulse DUO articulated arm uses to transmit CO and laser energy.

For the highest level of surgical precision, the SurgiTouch scanner, powered by SurgiTouchTM software, automatically sweeps the laser beam inside a user-defined geometric shape more quickly than a human hand can. By choosing the size and depth of the scanning pattern and manually aiming the scanning beam onto the tissue target for cutting and ablation, the user has complete control.

The anatomy of the patient can be easily recreated and adjusted for tissue treatment. The Digital AcuBlade provides practically char-free margins, ensuring improved visibility, high-quality tissue samples, and the preservation of healthy tissues.

Anti Aging Medical

AAMS, a French company established in 1994, specializes in the design, production, and marketing of devices for beauty, anti-aging, health, and wellbeing.
AAMS is a pioneer and global leader in therapies like phototherapy, carboxytherapy, and mesotherapy. It operates in more than 50 nations.

With a focus on the most advanced technology, research and development for plasma, tattoo removal, and cryolipolysis is concentrated on providing outstanding outcomes at the highest level of comfort.
AAMS is the only French firm that, through its proprietary and patented Artificial Intelligence system USER ASSIST, guarantees the outcomes of its innovations.


The CryoSlim Hybrid is the most recent Cryolipolysis technology for treating fat cells with cold.
The CryoSlim Hybrid is the first slimming gadget that examines, analyzes, and guarantees the outcomes based on each situation thanks to the application USER ASSIST.


More than 20 years of expertise in the field of mesotherapy injectors went into creating the Ultim® Mesogun. It permits point-by-point and filler injections and is appropriate for the face, body, and hair treatments.

Loyal to the inventor of mesotherapy, Dr. Michel Pistor, its programs deliver the correct dose at the proper location for the skin and surrounding tissues to have the desired aesthetic.

Any type of hyaluronic acid, cosmetic medication, and PRP are all silently, rapidly, and painlessly injected using an electronic device.


The electroporation process used by the E-Finger® produces non-invasive micro-currents that nourish and stimulate the skin cells.

The skin loses its suppleness and collagen content over time. Skin aging begins to show its earliest symptoms.

The epidermal and dermal levels require a gradual and long-lasting restructuring.

E-FINGER®: Product penetration, stimulation of the muscles, and microcirculation of the blood.
USER ASSIST®: Intelligent analysis for individualized and effective patient care.
We’re prepared to assist you.

Industry-standard beauty products and supplies are offered by Emkanat in the area, along with a selection of Laser Hair removal machine brands that are of the highest caliber and are suited to your requirements.

Marquardt medical

The sole objective of Marquardt UK is to provide high-quality products directly from Marquardt Medizintechnik to the British market. These solutions are evaluated according to three criteria: innovation, quality, and service. Marquardt, a specialist in osteosynthesis, offers medical professionals high-quality, entirely German-made goods (Spaichingen).

1) Cannulated screws

A guide wire is used to insert cannulated screws. While the screw is being placed, the guide wire offers the required path and guarantees that the fragments are aligned.


Innovative, locking plating technology for the fibula and tibia is called WINSTA-FiT. Minimally invasive intramedullary therapy for distal fibula fractures is provided via the VITUS-Fi Fibula Nailing System.

The VITUS-FT Tibia Nailing Method is an osteosynthesis system for tibia fractures.

3) Upper Extremities

Marquardt Medizintechnik provides a variety of options for upper extremity surgery.

Innovative approaches, like the proprietary LBN system for intramedullary nail osteosynthesis on the proximal humerus, are used to supplement tried-and-true technologies.

Spring Thread

With gradual skin regeneration, Spring Thread provides instantaneous, vertically raised, and tighter skin tissue. Despite repositioning the skin, this revolutionary invention nevertheless permits comfortable, natural face expression and incredibly durable results.

1) Natural Result

Due to Spring Thread’s similar flexibility to skin, it does not cause discomfort and permits regular and natural facial expression.

2) Longer Lasting

Since Spring Thread is permanent, its effects continue for a very long time (usually 3-5 years) as opposed to other threads, which soon lose their effectiveness and strength.

3) Better Berformance

There are 24 circular cogs per CM on Spring Thread, which features cogs that point in all four directions. No trauma and improved tissue anchoring result from this.

Rene Furterer Paris

France’s Provence serves as the setting for René Furterer’s tale. Early on, under the influence of his grandmother, he developed a fascination for botany. This creative young hairstylist examined nature and became aware of the diversity of flora and its aromas.

As a result, he developed a strong conviction that plant beauty serves as an inspiration for hair beauty. He realized that just as plants thrive in rich, well-managed soil, so do heads of hair from a well-cared-for scalp. Thus, he created a system of scalp massages and treatments that would transform hair care.


For a straight, smooth, frizz-free finish, use this lightweight, silicone-free Blowout Balm to speed up the blow-drying process and shield hair from heat up to 428°F.


This pre-shampoo warming concentrate, blended with orange and lavender essential oils, effectively cleanses and purifies the scalp while revealing naturally attractive hair from roots to ends. It is the crucial first step for maximum scalp and hair health.


This strengthening daily-use shampoo thoroughly cleanses, preserves vitality, and delivers crucial nutrients precisely where they are needed the most for attractive and strong hair. It is formulated to revitalize the scalp and strengthen hair from roots to ends.

Obagi sun shield

Sunscreens are a vital component of any skin care regimen and offer the skin’s first line of defense against damaging UVA and UVB radiation. Obagi has created a variety of sunscreens that block HEV and IR radiation as well as UVA and UVB rays.

1) Spectrum SPF 50 Warm

Obagi Sun Shield Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Warm shields the skin from UVA and UVB rays while also defending it against infrared rays, which can cause oxidative stress on the skin due to heat. Ideal for skin with golden or olive undertones is a warm tone.

2) Spectrum SPF 50 Cool

50 SPF Obagi Sun Shield Broad Spectrum Tint In addition to shielding the skin from heat-induced oxidative stress, cool sunscreen offers protection from both UVA and UVB rays. For skin with pink or pale undertones, a cool tone is perfect.

3) Defense Broad Spectrum

Advanced UVA and UVB protection is provided by a potent mineral-based composition, and antioxidants protect against HEV, VIS, and IR rays as well as free radicals for a thin, residue-free finish.

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