Bodytite Alameda CA

Bodytite Alameda CA

If you have been thinking about cosmetic surgery yet you are not quite sure that you want to go with an invasive procedure, you may be able to get the results you are looking for with Bodytite in Alameda CA. This is a nice option when someone wants the look of a nip and a tuck while only having a procedure that is minimally invasive. As a matter of fact, many patients are going this route so that they can get results that look incredible without the cost or healing time that is involved with the more extensive types of surgical procedures offered today.

How Does Bodytite Work?

When you sign up for the Bodytite procedure, you will generally be put under light sedation. As your professional cosmetic surgeon works, a narrow wand is used through a needle hole in the skin where it melts away fat and helps to tighten up the skin. Basically speaking, the fibers under the skin are tightened to help reduce the saggy appearance and it leaves the patient with skin that is tighter and a lot smoother.

There are countless benefits that come from the Bodytite procedure, including: 

  • Patients will have consistent results
  • Most patients will have a dramatic level of skin tightening, with some seeing around 40% contraction)
  • There are no incisions so there is no scarring
  • The treatment is much more uniform than other types of treatments
  • This is a procedure that is less painful and patients will also have far less swelling and bruising as they recover
  • When compared to other types of body sculpting surgeries, this option is notably safer 

Who Makes A Good Candidate?

In order to see if you would be a good candidate for this procedure, you will need to talk with a health professional that is trained to perform Bodytite in Alameda CA. With this procedure, you have the ability to get a tummy tuck or work done on another area of your body without all of the pain, downtime, or scarring that comes with a traditional body lift.

Patients should also know that there is no pain that is experienced throughout the procedure because it is done using light sedation. If Bodytite is combined with a conventional procedure, the patient may be put under general anesthesia. For the recovery, there is usually some level of swelling, discomfort and mild bruising that will take place over the first couple of weeks. Many patients have the ability to go back to their regular activities within just a few days.

If you are interested in Bodytite in Alameda CA, you will have incredible results when working with Rex Moulton-Barrett, MD. The team onsite is ready to answer any questions that you may have regarding Bodytite and the process for recovery. Many patients will see dramatic results after just one procedure and you have the ability to enjoy these results while dealing with a fraction of the discomfort of traditional surgeries that are much more invasive and difficult on the body when it comes to healing.

Bodytite Alameda CA