Best anti-aging medical devices by AAMS company

As a result of the gradual decline of many body functions, aging is one of the most prominent crises confronting the elderly after they reach half their age.

 The appearance of aging, particularly on the parts of the face, prompts many women and men to undergo plastic surgery, which is somewhat risky because it is classified as a surgical procedure, in addition to its high financial cost.

 Some people fight aging by visiting beauty clinics that provide non-surgical treatments that are less risky. Today, Jordanian company “Emkanat,” in collaboration with French company AAMS, offers a variety of anti-aging medical devices that ensure skin treatment and improvement.

What is AAMS?

It is a French company founded in 1994 that specializes in designing and supplying the global market with the most advanced technological devices used in the fields of beauty, anti-aging, health, and well-being.

 The company is named after its use of the AAMS (Anti-Aging Medical System), a superior artificial intelligence program found in all of its equipment systems that ensure perfect and consistent results. AAMS Company has a research and development team of technology professionals who are constantly working to find the best specifications for anti-aging medical devices.

What are the anti-aging medical devices of the AAMS?

Since its beginnings, the company has released numerous advanced devices, the best of which are:

1.   Cryoslim hybrid device

The Cryoslim hybrid is based on cryotherapy technology and includes AI software ( user assist) that can provide an accurate estimate of the results based on the patient.

Uses of Cryoslim hybrid device:

One of the anti-aging medical devices that are used to eliminate excess body fat by targeting fat cells and analyzing them with cold, making it completely safe for the body and causing no discomfort.

The patented device is noteworthy for its ability to eliminate up to 39% of excess fat in just one session.

The mechanism of action of the anti-aging medical devices (Cryoslim hybrid):

The device’s mechanism takes advantage of adipocytes’ temperature sensitivity, as the handle gradually diffuses heat rising from within it to change the molecular structure of the fat cells.

The cells adapt to high temperatures until they reach their boiling point. The handle reduces the temperature to a dangerously low level in seconds, causing triglyceride crystallization in adipocytes.

Fat cells are gradually and permanently eliminated through this delicate and controlled process.

Cryoslim hybrid device features:

  • There is no discomfort during the session.
  • The ability to define treatment areas and sculpt the body.
  • The majority of the results are displayed immediately after the first session concludes.
  • Quick, secure, and efficient.
  • There is no need to rest after the treatment.
  • Using on various parts of the body, including the abdomen and legs.
  • Three weeks after treatment, the final results are visible.

It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight exposure during the treatment period, as well as take any medications that may interfere with treatment without first consulting a plastic surgeon.

Because of its advanced technologies, the device has achieved great success, and 90% of its users recommend it.

You can review the anti-aging medical devices by visiting the website of the Jordanian Emkanat company, which specializes in providing the latest and most advanced devices to clinics and medical centers.

2.           Mesotherapy device


Mesotherapy is a modern, non-surgical cosmetology technique in which various injections are injected into the subcutaneous fat of a specific body area.

Uses of the mesotherapy device:

It can deliver vitamins, hormones, and substances into the body via small needles that help deliver the injected substance to the skin’s middle layer.

 Mesotherapy anti-aging medical devices are used for a variety of purposes, including skin tightening and cellulite treatment, in addition to treating hair loss and alopecia.

The mechanism of action of the device

After numbing the area to be treated, a standard syringe containing the active substance is placed inside the device and tightly secured to ensure accuracy in the injection site while causing no harm.

 The device’s settings are controlled via the interactive screen that comes with it, where the injection setting speed, syringe depth, and amount of material to be injected are all set.

The doctor moves the device slowly over the desired area, introducing a small, studied amount of the active substance with each injection.

Mesotherapy device features:

  • Treatment sessions are typically short.
  • Not requiring a break from treatment.
  • Attending the sessions regularly improves the skin’s function.
  • It does not leave scars and does not require compresses.
  • It can lighten skin tone.
  • It produces long-term results.
  • Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to apply.

The side effects of the device:

The sensitivity of the skin to the device varies from one person to another, so it is important to remember that the device can cause side effects such as rashes, swelling, or itching, therefore it is best to consult a doctor in this case. Visit the website of the Jordanian Emkanat Company to learn more about importing anti-aging medical devices used in the field of cosmetic procedures

3.           Electroporation device

The device was named after the electrical perforation technology, which is one of the smartest technologies currently being used to resist the symptoms of aging.

The device technology aims to create temporary pores in the membranes of skin cells via small electrical impulses, allowing the solution to reach deep tissues in the skin.

Electrical waves cause vocalization in the soft tissues, stimulating blood nutrition and alerting their cells once more.

The device has numerous advantages and applications, which has increased demand for it. Its advantages are :

  • Allowing skin products to penetrate the upper skin layer and reach the deeper dermis.
  • Natural nutrient replenishment in the body.
  • Increasing cell reactivity and overall skin health.
  • Making your skin healthy, glowing, and beautiful.

The device is considered immediately effective because its results appear immediately at the end of the session, and the results are long-lasting, but the final results do not appear until after three sessions.

For guaranteed and satisfactory results, doctors should schedule one session per week for at least four weeks.

The mechanism of action of the device:

It consists of an essential station that includes an interactive screen with User Assist software, as well as a wireless hand watch and wired electrode fingers.

The electronic fingers are supplied with energy via the Bluetooth connection between the watch and the control station, allowing them to pass a partial current from the first to the second layers that exist between them.

This mechanism reduces skin cell resistance and relaxes them, allowing products to penetrate the skin.

 User Assist ensures the device’s accuracy by analyzing a person’s data such as sex, skin type, and skin condition to create a unique and ideal treatment for each patient.

 The movement of the streamlined electronic fingers above the skin’s surface allows for more accurate results, and it can control the power of currents and the depth of treatment by adjusting the operating settings on the interactive touch screen.

Because these anti-aging medical devices do not require traditional needles, it is known as non-surgical mesotherapy.

The features of the device

  • Quick, comfortable, and smooth.
  • Rechargeable and powerful batteries; small size
  • Completely safe, without pain.
  • A great non-surgical alternative to mesotherapy, with easy control over its settings.
  • Long-term effects.

 The side effects of the device:

The device can cause deep heating in the treated area, but the patient usually does not feel any heat; however, if you have allergies or a rash, you should avoid using the device.

This device, produced by the French company AAMS, is now available to the Jordanian Emkanat Company

 To view more details, you can contact the team of Emkanat company.

Finally, we would like to highlight the importance of not attempting any anti-aging medical devices without first consulting with a doctor or cosmetic specialist, paying attention to all of his observations, and fully implementing them to ensure the desired result.

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